Kenny's Candy

Kenny’s Candy is a manufacturing plant belonging to KLN Family Brands. Martin Mechanical has completed several projects in the factory, always prioritizing food safety standards, with the factory receiving only A and A+ ratings from the BRC Global Food Safety Standard. We ensure owners will be satisfied with the outstanding quality we create for the manufacturing process.

Shearer’s Snacks

Previously Barrel ‘O Fun, Shearer’s Snacks is a large manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical Design has provided mechanical engineering services to this plant for over a decade. These projects ranged greatly from building expansions, process improvements, environmental improvements and recently energy improvements to capitalize on available rebates for industrial plants.

Perham, Minnesota

Coal Creek Station

Coal Creek Station is North Dakota’s largest power plant, which provides electricity that is used by about two-thirds of Minnesota. The 3,370 acre plant was first built in the 1970s. Martin Mechanical Design has been tasked with ABB Swedish engineers to provide climate control in four valve halls located on site at the plant and downstream at the transportation site. The valve halls have tight environmental requirements to ensure reliable power delivery to it’s customers. Between redundancy and proven design approaches, Martin Mechanical delivers an on-time and on-budget solution to meet the strict requirements.

Underwood, North Dakota