Kenny's Candy

Kenny’s Candy is a manufacturing plant belonging to KLN Family Brands. Martin Mechanical has completed several projects in the factory, always prioritizing food safety standards, with the factory receiving only A and A+ ratings from the BRC Global Food Safety Standard. We ensure owners will be satisfied with the outstanding quality we create for the manufacturing process.

Heritage Living Center

Heritage Living Center is a large nursing home and senior living community in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical designed an updated mechanical system, including condensing boilers, a central chiller, a DDC control system and chilled beams in every resident room. The existing kitchen was given a completely new HVAC system.

Shearer’s Snacks

Previously Barrel ‘O Fun, Shearer’s Snacks is a large manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical Design has provided mechanical engineering services to this plant for over a decade. These projects ranged greatly from building expansions, process improvements, environmental improvements and recently energy improvements to capitalize on available rebates for industrial plants.

Perham, Minnesota

Cullen Hockey Center

Martin Mechanical is excited to be a part of this project, which will be completed with Icon Architectural Group in 2019. The mechanical design uses high efficiency heating and cooling equipment designed to react to the ever-changing conditions in a hockey arena.

Moorhead, Minnesota

Pioneer TV

Pioneer TV moved into a new building in 2016. The award winning project consisted of active chilled beams throughout the facility. The design team worked with the mechanical contractor to provide an environment that is second to none in terms of comfort and noise. Martin Mechanical delivered this project on the same budget which was slated for a VAV system. Overall performance and energy consumption is far superior than the prepared system.

Granite Falls, Minnesota

Brown Hall – Concordia College

Originally built in 1947, Brown Hall is an iconic, historic space on Concordia’s Campus. The four-story structure houses around 260 men and women. We were asked to create a new mechanical system to improve ventilation and indoor air quality.

The previous system had air conditioning in the public spaces, with little natural air flow. We updated the building to get fresh air and be up to date with current ventilation codes. The building’s humidity was not controlled, with moisture causing problems and discomfort to the residents. With our new systems, the building was able to heat and cool effectively, while keeping moisture at a minimum.