Homewood Suites

This hospitality project was located right next to the Las Vegas Strip! With help from DesignCell Architects, we were able to complete a eco-friendly, stunning result. This project consisted of unitary water to air heat pumps, high efficiency boilers and a roof mounted closed circuit fluid cooler. The design guarantees comfort for all guests, along with an energy efficient, low cost solution for the client.

Las Vegas, Nevada

University of North Dakota Law School

Originally built in 1923, the historic UND Law School was given a $13 million dollar renovation in 2016. The 70,500 square foot building was updated with new HVAC systems, central cooling and life safety code updates. Icon Architectural Group was our partner on this project.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Kenny's Candy

Kenny’s Candy is a manufacturing plant belonging to KLN Family Brands. Martin Mechanical has completed several projects in the factory, always prioritizing food safety standards, with the factory receiving only A and A+ ratings from the BRC Global Food Safety Standard. We ensure owners will be satisfied with the outstanding quality we create for the manufacturing process.


AgCountry has a state-of-the-art underfloor displacement ventilation system that creates a quiet, comfortable work environment. The in-floor diffusers vary the airflow based on space needs and individual zones. This causes the heating and cooling to rise, while being hidden beneath the floor. This method is energy efficient and is aesthetically pleasing. The mechanical system utilizes a single duct VAV coupled with a boiler and chiller. An access floor system was used to house all mechanical, electrical and network systems. We worked with Icon Architectural Group on this project to produce a stunning end result.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Heritage Living Center

Heritage Living Center is a large nursing home and senior living community in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical designed an updated mechanical system, including condensing boilers, a central chiller, a DDC control system and chilled beams in every resident room. The existing kitchen was given a completely new HVAC system.

Element Hotel

Element Hotel is known for it’s cutting edge design and eco-friendly mechanical systems. As a LEED Certified Project, Martin Mechanical used the most energy efficient mechanical and plumbing design services. We designed a four pipe fan coil system and central heat recovery, which lowers the lifecycle cost of ownership for the client.

Fargo, North Dakota


Shearer’s Snacks

Previously Barrel ‘O Fun, Shearer’s Snacks is a large manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical Design has provided mechanical engineering services to this plant for over a decade. These projects ranged greatly from building expansions, process improvements, environmental improvements and recently energy improvements to capitalize on available rebates for industrial plants.

Perham, Minnesota