AgCountry has a state-of-the-art underfloor displacement ventilation system that creates a quiet, comfortable work environment. The in-floor diffusers vary the airflow based on space needs and individual zones. This causes the heating and cooling to rise, while being hidden beneath the floor. This method is energy efficient and is aesthetically pleasing. The mechanical system utilizes a single duct VAV coupled with a boiler and chiller. An access floor system was used to house all mechanical, electrical and network systems. We worked with Icon Architectural Group on this project to produce a stunning end result.

Grand Forks, North Dakota

Heritage Living Center

Heritage Living Center is a large nursing home and senior living community in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Martin Mechanical designed an updated mechanical system, including condensing boilers, a central chiller, a DDC control system and chilled beams in every resident room. The existing kitchen was given a completely new HVAC system.

Pioneer TV

Pioneer TV moved into a new building in 2016. The award winning project consisted of active chilled beams throughout the facility. The design team worked with the mechanical contractor to provide an environment that is second to none in terms of comfort and noise. Martin Mechanical delivered this project on the same budget which was slated for a VAV system. Overall performance and energy consumption is far superior than the prepared system.

Granite Falls, Minnesota

Valley Eldercare Senior Living

Valley Eldercare has several locations in the Grand Forks area. Martin Mechanical has been responsible for several projects in their buildings over the years, including a complete chiller replacement, kitchen remodel, boiler replacement, Townsquare remodel and a 20,000 square foot skilled nursing addition. Recently, we worked on the Fireside Room addition which was created to be a place for residents to play games, visit and relax. 

Grand Forks, North Dakota


[solidcore] has hired Martin Mechanical to design mechanical systems in their facilities all over the United States, including Miami, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Madison. In total, Martin Mechanical has been responsible for over 15 [solidcore] exercise facilities throughout the nation.

Miami, Florida
Baltimore, Maryland
Cincinnati, Ohio
Madison, Wisconsin